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A luxury collection of contemporary shaving products designed for everyone from the seasoned shaver to the complete beginner. Get ready for the smoothest shaving experience of your life. The Bluebeards Revenge Deluxe Kit consists of a pre-shave oil, luxury shaving cream, post-shave balm, Doubloon shaving brush and silver-technology roll-on anti-perspirant deodorant the complete kit in one box. Contains: 1 x 100ml Pre-Shave Oil 1 x 100ml Shaving Cream 1 x 100ml Post-Shave Balm 1 x Doubloon Bristle Shaving Brush 1 x 50ml Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Pre Shave Oil

Designed to moisturise your beard prior to applying The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream, this pre-shave oil helps your razor do all the hard work providing a smoother shaving experience and doing it’s own bit to eliminate nicks and bumps. To use massage a splash of oil into your beard until it is barely visible as just a sheen, then get to work lathering up with a quality shaving cream. Shave and enjoy.

Shaving Cream

Designed by a real life Bluebeard who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan look-alike, The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream is a premium quality product with added ingredients to specifically combat tough stubble. It has been formulated to Bluebeards unique specification in one of the UK’s premier male cosmetics laboratories who are renowned experts in the field of shaving cream.

Post Shave Balm

Soothe redness and calm irritation after your shave with The Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave Balm. Specially formulated with witch hazel and aloe vera to nourish the skin after shaving, not only will it make you feel a million dollars but it also contains Decelerine the active ingredient in The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream. Using both the shaving cream and post-shave balm should, in time, reduce your beard growth.


A great budget brush, ideal for wet shaving beginners or as a travel brush. We find that many men have long forgotten the pleasures of wet shaving and the obvious benefits it has over using an electric shaver. The first step is to get the right kit and a decent shaving brush is essential. Now shaving brushes can cost anything from a few dollars to literally hundreds for pure badger bristle varieties. However, Bluebeards have opted for the sensible option and offer a perfectly good quality shaving brush at a budget price. This wooden bristle brush comes with attractive gold lettering and trademark skull and crossbones in gold. Perfect for use with The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream. Dimensions: Bristle Diameter: 40mm Bristle Length: 50mm Overall Length: 90mm Handle Diameter: 30mm

Antiperspirant Deodorant

Keep those unsightly sweat patches at bay with The Bluebeards Revenge Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. This formula uses the natural anti-microbial properties of silver to neutralise the bugs that cause body odour, banishing unpleasant smells and leaving you and those in your immediate vicinity to enjoy the modern but classic Bluebeards Revenge scent alone. Whether you’re pushing the boundaries of human endurance or simply enjoying a night on the town, there is no reason to compromise on looking and feeling fresh not to mention smelling it.

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