Kosmo Fine Badger Hair Shaving Brush - Olive Wood

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Muhle’s Kosmo Fine Badger Hair Shaving Brush is made from olive wood with chrome-plated metal highlight. Since ancient times, olive wood has been valued for its outstanding material characteristics and warm colouring. It is to be found throughout the Mediterranean region and has been used for centuries to make durable goods or artistic objects. The wood Muhle use is dried carefully for months before the handles are turned. They then sand the surfaces, seal them with oil and polish them to a silky finish. This brings out the gentle, honey-coloured grain of the wood particularly well. Fine badger is softer than pure badger, but somewhat firmer than silvertip badger. The hairs are light grey in colour and feature the dark stripe or band typical of high badger hair qualities. This natural hair material is extremely well-suited to wet shavers who value the softness of badger hair and want to achieve a massage effect.

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