Original Bamboo Razor

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Check it, less plastic & ting

Some people just weren't made for beards. Here's our bamboo razor to help you work with what you got. Check it.

The Bulldog Skincare Original Bamboo Razor has everything you need for a great shave.

5 tempered steel blades, a lubricating strip with aloe, and a precision trimmer and pivoting design.

What sets the Original Bamboo Razor apart is the focus on lowering its environmental impact.

From the natural bamboo handle to the un-chromed metal components to the packaging made from fully recycled stock.

Product features;

  • Pivoting design (for a smooth comfortable shave) 
  • 5 tempered steel blades 
  • Lubricating strip with aloe 
  • Precision trimmer 
  • Brushed metal head 
  • Natural bamboo handle 
  • Unique locking screw (to replace bamboo handle)

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