Set of 3 Acetate Beard, Moustache, Hair Combs

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Bossman Acetate combs come in a set of 3 different styles to suit all types of beard, mustache, or hair from very thick, to very thin. 

1. Large comb - 7.5" Comb will run perfectly through long hair or a very thick beard.

2. Medium Comb - 5" This comb has the perfect design for multiple types of hair & beard. Half of the comb has fine spaced teeth for fine hair or mustache training.

3. Fold Up Pocket Comb - 3.25" Teeth with a 3.5" Handle. This fold up comb is perfect for any "on the go" situation. It has a belt loop clip or folds up to fit in your pocket. The fine spaced teeth are great to control that mustache all day, or just get in a quick taming of the beard. 

 Acetate Production - All 3 combs are made with a plant based material that is naturally static free to prevent snagging and breakage. Unlike molded combs, Bossman combs are cut from large sheets of acetate to create a soft feel and glide with no snag.

Unique Shape - Bossman Acetate combs are hand sawn with a distinctive design. The round tip teeth are to prevent scratching and glide through hair and facial hair with ease. 

Packaging - All 3 Combs come in a beautiful custom box to keep them safe and secure.

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