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Unlike your normal spray on cologne that typically uses alcohol-based fragrances, all of Colotion’s scents are fragrance-free and derived only from essential oils. With their alluring essential oil blends infusing with high quality moisturizing ingredients, the scent bonds to the skin and body hair outlasting any spray cologne. Their high-quality, active ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut oil, and other hydrating components, make your skin feel supple, saturated, and sexier than ever. This is the perfect scent for the man who works hard and cleans up well. The scent base delivers a masculine sweetness of essential oil blends that consist of Bergamot, Vanilla, and Frankincense. Complimenting this sweetness is a fine high-note of freshness derived from oils of Vetiver and Cedarwood. Be driven and stay classy with Bossman’s Vetiver X.


Apply a generous amount to dry areas or body parts you want to smell like a BOSS! For a longer lasting scent and moisturizing results, use after shower on neck, chest, and arms.

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