Beard Brush + Boar Hair & Nylon Bristle

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Bossman Brands Beard Brush with Boar Hair & Nylon Bristle has longer and stronger Nylon Bristles to reach pores on cheeks and scalp.

  • Detangling bristles that gently massage to increase blood flow and unclogging the hair follicles.
  • Oil preserving Boar hair bristles that distribute throughout the entire beard or hair. This will help to seal in split ends, prevent hair breakage, and reduce frizz.
  • An oval cushioned rubber base is meant to give way when met with resistance. This provides reduced breakage when detangling, and loose tension when using to style.

For best results, use right after the shower and application of Beard & Hair products. *Warning for sensitive skin! Bristles are sharp and strong in order to reach pores.

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