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Modern hair products don’t always cut it.


Sometimes you need something a little stronger and old fashioned to shape your hair the way you want it.


American Barber Styling Paste is a high quality pomade that’s much better than any you’d find in a local store.


It’s a great hair product to give your hair the shape and style you want for a long time without retouching.


You can control your hair with it while giving it a high sheen.


Simply work a small amount of the pomade between your palms and apply it to damp or dry hair to achieve whatever style you’d like.


It’ll give you sheen and structure but still feel natural to the touch. It’s water soluble so it washes out easily, meaning it’s good for trying out a look if you’re not sure about it.


Humidity resistant and it causes no flakes, you’ll look great wearing it as you’re out and about.


Get some American Barber Styling Paste and bring the pomade tradition back.

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