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Waterless, transparent, non-foaming shaving glide is ideal for precisely edging up beards, moustaches, sideburns and neck areas. Get the “All Clear” with 18.21 Man Made Shaving Glide. Any razor. Any Skin. Simply smooth on and shave off. Non-lathering, transparent lotion is perfect to see exactly where you shave to get the right look. Use daily to precisely edge around beards, line up sideburns and clean up neck areas. Use it on the go for a waterless shave. Aloe Vera calms & hydrates skin, while kukui nut oil & jojoba oil condition and soothe while helping to fight off irritation and discomfort. Taurine protects skin cells and regulates the water equilibrium in the epidermis. Eleuthera root extract stimulates the resilience of the skin and Lupinus Albus Protein accelerates regeneration of micro cuts during shaving. Coffee arabica seed oil restores skin and contributes to a healthier look and feel. Glide is designed for water-free shaving usage. This paraben-free formula can be used on any skin with any razor. Featuring the aroma of Spiced Tobacco. Key Features: Precision shaving slide. Edge up beards & moustache. Line up sideburns and clean up neck areas. Transparent, waterless, non-foaming formula. Any skin. Any razor. Smooth on. Shave off. Protects, hydrates and strengthens skin. Soothes skin & fights irritation. Accelerates regeneration of skin cells. Spied tobacco aroma. Aroma - Shaving Glide features the new Spiced Tobacco oil blend. A masculine aroma inspired by spicy pipe tobacco and the roaring spirit of swanky Prohibition era speak easy lounges. The first impression will introduce notes of spicy ginger root and clove which, will mellow during the dry down to reveal notes of coconut, french vanilla bean and star anise to sweeten the touch of amber resin, heliotrope petals, smoked tobacco leaves, exotic woods and sheer musk that round out the base. Leaves a lasting impression.


For optimum results, prep the face with a warm, damp towel prior to shaving. Dispense a generous amount of glide into palms. Apply glide directly to dry skin. No water is needed. Smooth glide over the area to be shaved. Glide will turn clear. Shave with any razor. Edge up beards or sideburns. Precisely line up sideburns. Clean up neck and nape areas. Rinse glide or leave glide on the skin for post-shave benefits.

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